Le bal des Dégueulasses nourrit une intéressante réflexion sur l'Eglise, en contradiction avec la modernité. Question subsidiaire, que penser de l'argument avancé par les médias, les cathos de gauche, ou brandi par les gens eux-mêmes en guise de pitoyable excuse : c'est parce que l'Eglise refuse de s'adapter à la modernité que les gens désertent la messe. Je rejoins LBDD dans l'idée que c'est une excuse bidon, car ces gens là n'iraient pas à la messe de toute façon, ils préfèrent buller à la terrasse d'un café ou s'envoyer un petit brunch entre potos.

Je tombe justement ce soir sur un article qui aborde cette question, autour d'un livre, "quitting church", traitant surtout sur l'effritement de la "pratique institutionnelle" dans les églises américaines au profit de micro-communautés, ou d'une pratique solitaire. Deux commentaires de lecteurs m'ont paru résumer à la perfection le débat. J'essayerais de traduire cette excellente prose si j'ai le temps dans les prochains jours :

Dave :: October 31st, 2008 at 11:17 am
People are leaving The Catholic Church because they don’t want to hear what The Catholic Church has to say. Many people have absorbed the secularizing trends of the day and see absolutely nothing wrong with living together before marriage, artificial contraception, homosexuality, etc. Today, morality is not something revealed by God through His Church but something arrived at by democratic consensus. And in order to increase market share for American products (and propaganda) everything is permissible — even things that are objectively wrong according to natural law. When people say they want a “personal Jesus” — it’s a Jesus of private interpretation that, more often than not, is a Jesus that allows them to sin at will. Young people stop coming to The Church because the anti-gospel of the world is opposed to Christ’s gospel and without a moral compass pointing to Heaven, people’s egos and vanity will lead them astray — towards the anti-gospel which, ultimately, commoditizes human life, labor, and dignity. The anti-gospel is hard to resist because it feeds into lust for money, power and flesh and rests on immediate temporal satisfaction rather than eternal reward. Yes, God is infinitely merciful, but he’s also infinitely just. Without The Lord all is in vain and the world becomes a dog-eat-dog meat market. Just read some of what Benedict XVI has written recently — you’ll find it diametrically opposed to the merciless and dehumanizing capitalist swill thrown at us from every angle. The Roman Catholic Church is not out of touch with the world. On the contrary, the world is out of touch with The Roman Catholic Church — much to the world’s detriment.

Dai Yoshida :: October 31st, 2008 at 12:44 pm
(the author's) point of view is very typical of her generation who had received religious education full of “feel-good” ministry and total lack of historic Christianity. They see the Church not as a mystical body of Christ but as a human institution with no connection to the Divine. This leads to a very skewed view of Jesus disconnected from the Sacraments or even the fullness of his teachings. The change in social demographics is not something the Church needs to accommodate like a fast food chain. The change in social demographics IS THE PROBLEM that separates the faithful from the True Faith. Duin and Lynn needs to re-evaluate their “Hippie Jesus” and return to the true teachings of Jesus Christ as conveyed by the Apostles. They can start by studying the writings of the Early Church Fathers without the distractions of the 60’s “class warfare” and radical feminist mentality.